About us

mechanics institute 7 BESTWelcome!

We exist to help older men who are or are going through life changing events, such as retirement, bereavement, experiencing mental health problems or through the transition of becoming a carer.

We exist to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of vulnerable, isolated or disadvantaged older men.


We want to see every isolated, vulnerable or disadvantaged older man contributing his own skills to the life of his community.

We want to be a project that plugs a gap in local services to become a necessary part of a life changing journey for older men.

“coming here has really boosted my confidence”

it’s changed my life; I was told basically that I was having a nervous breakdown and coming here has changed my life”

“if I didn’t come here I would only have the four walls at home to stare at”


The Mens ‘Hub’ is on Tuesdays at 10am-12pm.

Our befriender visits runs weekly for men who can no longer physically leave the home.

We partner with other community centres and youth groups to engage with intergenerational outreach work.


Eccleshill Library every Tuesday 10am – 12pm until further notice


are always engaging in a range of healthy activities… from visiting community centres to meet new friends, reminiscing, researching, listening to guest speakers, learning photography, enjoying indoor sports and games, to learning how to cook, playing chess, Wii bowling, darts, the Golf driving range, the list goes on! These activities have been a great way for the men to find companionship, talk and support each other whilst staying fit and active. The group facilitates advising men where to go if they need help at home learning domestic skills and sign posting men to be getting involved in other community groups.

Activities also involve men from the group volunteering in the community as befrienders for men who may not be able to leave their homes but would love to be a part of a men’s group like this. Here’s some of our quotes…

“I had depression for 4 ½ years and this group has really enriched my life”

“I just wish I had known about it earlier!”

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old…We grow old because we stop playing!”

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